Miracle mania - Prayer Reports

Why Miracle Mania? It is a marvelous celebration of the great works of our God who continually works miracles all around us. The phrase was coined by one of our members and couldn't be more fitting for the hope we have in our healer, Jesus. 

  • David

    David is a young father and husband who serves his community as a first-responder. We were asked to pray for David because he was, without warning, diagnosed with a cancer all through his body. We put him on our prayer list and a miracle occurred--David is healed of his cancer!

  • gary

    Family member of a church member, Gary was diagnosed with a rapid cancer after only three of his prescribed 15 rounds of chemo was pronounced free of cancer.

  • jennifer

    Jenniferwas admitted to the hospital with severe breathing issues (non-COVID) and several other debilitations. Our prayers were felt by her parents and heard in heaven. Jennifer has been moved to rehab and is recieving speech, occupational and physical therapies. Her outlook is good.

  • maggie and hutch

    Maggie and her sister, Hutch, have been prayed over for a few months. Each had severe internal issues but different issues. Diligent prayer and finding the right doctors--both are thankful and have been moved off the critical prayer list.

  • donna k

    Donna had a mastectomy and was coming back from that when they discovered more lymph nodes needed to be removed and more tissue removed. Donna has been so positive in her experience it can only be Jesus and prayer!

  • Rick

    Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer earlier this year (2020), Rick has undergone an experimental form of chemo and radiation. Avisit with his doctors in November brought news of the miracle we have prayed for--Rick is cancer-free! Taste and see that the Lord is good.

  • BR

    BR has been blessed to come to know Jesus in a new way after many prayers for her. In seeking that closer relationship, positive things have been happenng in her life. Praises and thanksgivings for her new life in Christ. She has gone on to make a major move across the US to an exciting new promotion. She credits Jesus!

  • donna b

    Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer in late January 2020. Quick work by doctors resulted in complete recovery. A year later there is still no sign of the cancer.

  • diane

    Diane suffered a debilitating stroke. Through much prayer and care, she is back to joining us in our church life. Still working toward full recovery but God is good and she is back in the fold in person.

  • Carol

    Rev. Carol was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in September (2021). She has been on chemo since October and is a walking advertisement for prayers and faith in God's power over fear of disease--not to say she is cancer-free. She is continuing her treatments, but even her doctors are astounded at her energy. She still has ministry to complete. Rev. Carol lost the battle to cancer in March 2023, but gained the new life she spent her ministry proclaiming.