Miracle Mania

Meals for those in our community

St. Boniface and other community friends are invited to provide meals for those who are recuperating from illness. Stay tuned to this page for updates and food lists/restrictions.

Why is this Miracle Mania? Because as we pray asking God to heal, we expect miracles. We are instructed to "pray without ceasing" so please check in here often and on our Prayer Room page to add to the prayers of the saints.

Currently, feel free to provide meals for Nancy and Larry Lester. Nancy is undergoing chemotherapy; her food list is below. She is on a low-fat diet and foods with no seeds or skins.

Diane Hutton has suffered a stroke and is currently taking physical therapy at home. They would love some casseroles. Diane has trouble swallowing, so be sure there are no big chunks of food in casseroles or soups.

All foods can be brought to the church (Tuesday - Thursday) and placed in the freezer. Be sure to lable foods clearly with cooking instructions and who they are from in case of questions.

What can I offer?

From Larry: Nancy has some dietary constraints. These are guides only and not an exhaustive list; your personal imagination and culinary skills are appreciated. Foods should be tender, well-cooked, low fat, low salt, and mild seasonings. Foods should be low sugar and no desserts please. Serving sizes should be normal--leftovers can serve as a second meal or a snack. Canned foods are not preferred due to high salt content. Nancy cannot eat any seeds or peels, including seeds and peels in fruits and potatoes. Frequency of providing food is of more value than large food gifts.

Larry and Nancy would like to thank you for your prayers and blessings.Please drop food at the church Tues-Thurs, Donna will be there to receive the food. If you bring food in at other times, please text Donna at 281.536.6043 so the food can get to the Nancy and Larry. Thanks so much!


Olive Oil

Fowl and Seafood are fine

Salmon, White Fish, Shrimp, Scallops, (Canned) Tuna salad



Other meats are okay but need to be lean and medium-well done

Meat Loaf

Meals should be low fat. Please try to avoid nitrates. Some sandwich meats and cheeses do not have nitrates but must be asked for and cut at the butcher/deli counter. Boars Head Lacey Swiss is a good example.

Please NO Casseroles--rich sauces and too many things Nancy can't eat          

Foods must be low fiber   

No raw leafy veggies

No raw veggies

No corn

No celery

No pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, citrus

No lentils

No legumes with skins (pinto or kidney beans, peas)

No potato skins

Potatoes (no peel)

Sweet Potatoes (no peel)



Spinach (cooked)

Carrots (cooked)

Green Beans (cooked)

Asparagus (cooked)